Why choose ViralPDF to
Brand My eBooks?

Here are some things ViralPDF can do that
NO OTHER PDF Rebrander can do:

Rebrands encrypted PDF eBooks
Embeds your eBook in the Rebrander (all except Classic Edition)
Runs from a compact 300kb Rebrander file
Rebrands Hyperlinks and plain-text Urls
Rebrands Embedded Fonts and Font Glyphs
Works with foreign character sets
Embeds your affiliate id in each Rebrander automatically

Since it's creation in 2003, many attempts to 'clone' the ViralPDF concept have been attempted. Alas, none of these 'copycats' had enough mettle to follow through on these grand ideas they had.

We are so confidant in ViralPDF we would invite you to try out our competitors offerings only it would be a shame to waste your money on such bad attempts at cloning ViralPDF.

What can I use ViralPDF for?

The quick answer is: many things. The answer you're looking for is based on where you focus your marketing efforts.

For example, Rebrandable PDFs are commonly used as part of the following marketing strategies:

Maximising and boosting your List building efforts
Making Affiliate recruitment easier
Getting others to do your Product promotion for you
Increasing your personal or product Brand awareness
Creating new premium versions of your old eBooks
Offering Rebranding as a Paid or Free bonus
Selling Rebranding rights as a product or premium price

It's no wonder Top Internet Marketers are raving about ViralPDF.


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