ViralPDF Features Overview

ViralPDF is the perfect solution that brings professional Rebranding functionality to your PDF eBooks.

There are no limits when it comes to the number of Rebrandable links, text blocks or Hyperlinks you can have in your eBooks so you (or your clients or affiliates) can promote as many Products, Services or Programs as you like.

Rebrandable Elements

ViralPDF gives you the Power to Rebrand more than just simple Document Hyperlinks..

PDF Text (eg: This Report brought to you by: Your-Name-Here)

Now you can set any text in your PDF eBooks, Reports or Guides as Rebrandable. It will even work no matter what font type, size, colour or style you use. It will work on any text you desire.

e-mail addresses (mailto: links)

Permit or disallow your clients to modify email addresses in your eBook. PDF eBooks can have clickable email addresses that when clicked will launch the user's email application with your email address already inserted in the 'to' field.

Plain text Links (eg:

When you type a Url into your MS-Word Documet and hit 'Enter' it automatically becomes underlined blue and clickable. PDFs understand these links as being clickable even though they are not Hyperlinks. ViralPDF also understands them whether they are clickable or not.

Hyperlinks (Display text is different to target Url)

In MS-Word you can select a piece of text and make a Hyperlink out of it. Your text could read "Click Me" and its target Url could be for example. ViralPDF gives you the choice to permit or disallow your clients to Rebrand the target Url (this is the web page opened) when the link is clicked on.

Remember, the Hyperlink display text can be anything, even a Url. So if your display text is in the form of a Url, eg: ViralPDF will let you Rebrand this as well.

For example,
You could display one Url to the user (eg: but have a different webpage open when it's clicked on (eg:

Supports non-clickable Links

Many PDF Converters do not create clickable Links in their PDFs created even though those links were clickable in the source Document (eg: MS-Word or Publisher).

ViralPDF can recognise these non-clickable links for you and offers Rebranding of those links to you if needed.

Protect Your Hard Work With Encrypted PDFs

When content is important to you and represents a sizeable investment in time it's wise to protect it against thieves.

While the security offered by the PDF format should be stronger than it is, it still remains another obstacle for thieves to overcome.

Encrypting and securing your PDF is a wise move no matter what the critics say. ViralPDF is here to help you succeed and will allow you to offer Rebranding of your PDF eBooks when they are encrypted.

Only One File To Distribute

ViralPDF embeds your Rebrandable eBook inside the Rebrander to make life easier for you.

You only have one file to distribute now and there is a 'Preview' button your clients can use if they want to view the unbranded PDF before Rebranding it.
(Note: the Classic Edition does not embed PDFs inside the brander)

It's also easier to keep track of which eBooks you've given rebrand rights to. You just look to see if you created a Rebrander for that eBook in question.

No more confusion about Signing PDFs, giving away a Rebrander with your PDF or dealing with clients that lost their Rebrander but not the PDF and vice versa.

Mighty Power Packed Into A Tiny Size

The Rebrander itself is in the region of only 300kb. That's one third of one megabyte! Other 'Hyperlink-only' rebranders are MEGABYTES in size and they can't do squat!

Other copycat Rebranders (we were the first) have massive 5MB footprints (some are even much much larger!)! Most also require the huge .net framework preinstalled before they will even run.

ViralPDF does not require any external tools such as Adobe Products or the .net framework to run.

Automated Commission Calculation

Every owner of ViralPDF is automatically an affiliate without lifting a finger. Everything is done for you so you can focus your time spent on other things.

Your Rebrander contains your affiliate id so we can automatically credit your affiliate account if one of your clients happens to purchase a copy of ViralPDF from us.

Registering your copy of ViralPDF (by entering your License Key into the application) makes all this happen quitely in the background right there and then for you.

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