Converting To PDF, Signing and...
Branding The Master Document

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Part 3 completes the trilogy by demonstrating how to convert, sign and brand a master document then goes one step further and actually shows the ClickBank sales process from the beginning to the very end.

Part 3 not only shows how easy it is to turn a word document into a rebrandable PDF file, it also reveals some juicy information about Word-to-PDF converters you probably didn't know about, runs through each step of making a payment using the ClickBank service and even demonstrates a very powerful solution to stop digital theft.

The most important point to always remember is this:

a Word Document into a PDF File
it to a PDF printer engine!

The movie explains in great detail the facts about converting Word Documents into PDF format. It also shows the process of signing the converted file, which files need to be made available for download by affiliates, which file you must NEVER give to anyone, how to Brand a signed PDF file and the importance of testing the branded PDF.

The movie also covers the entire sales process - from the buyer's point of view. The process starts with clicking an order page, filling in the ClickBank details and landing on a download page that is protected by one of the most powerful download protectors on the market today. The movie ends with the "purchased" file being downloaded to the customer's computer.

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