Creating The Master
Word Document

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Part 2 shows the different ways you can embed variables into a Word document.

The core of a Viral eBook is the variable.

It allows an army of promoters to brand your eBook with their details. 

Part 2 demonstrates how to create those variables, where to place them and what needs to be done to the Word document so that anyone can brand it with their own promotional information.

The video starts with a blank page in Notepad and goes on to show you how to

  1. transfer raw text from Notepad into a Word document...
  2. create a link to the author's name...
  3. create a variable that will display the affiliate's name...
  4. create a variable that will display the affiliate's website...
  5. create a ClickBank generic affiliates link.

The video also explains in detail about the structure of a ClickBank affiliate link.

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