Viral Marketing: What Is It and...
How Does It Work?

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Part 1 demystifies the concept of Viral Marketing.

Many people have heard of Viral Marketing and what it's meant to do yet many remain mystified as to how it could apply to their particular line of business.

It is one thing to read that:
  Viral marketing is a marketing process that motivates people to pass along your marketing message to as many other people as possible.
and another to imagine yourself actually using this information to sell your own product.

It is sometimes hard to visualize how the process works. To help you understand it, Part 1 uses a fictional scenario with cartoon characters outlining the possibilities of a successful Viral Marketing campaign.

You will meet characters such as Sam, Jack, Suzan, Debbie and Fred. They are there to help you understand how Viral Marketing works and the awesome potential it represents to your business.

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