How To Use
ViralPDF Rebrander (Classic Edition)

Video: Part 1
Viral Marketing: What Is It and... How Does It Work?

Viral Marketing... What Is It?
Duration: 5 Min 53 sec.
Size: 5.76Mb
Speakers: Required

Part 1 demystifies the concept of Viral Marketing.

Many people have heard of Viral Marketing and what it's meant to do yet many remain mystified as to how it could apply to their particular line of business.

It is sometimes hard to visualize how the process works. To help you understand it, Part 1 uses a fictional scenario with cartoon characters outlining the possibilities of a successful Viral Marketing campaign.

Video: Part 2
Creating The
Master Word Document

How to embed ViralPDF variables into a Word document
Duration: 6 Min 13 sec.
Size: 6.48Mb
Speakers: Required
Part 2 shows the different ways you can embed variables into a Word document.

The core of a Viral eBook is the variable. It lets an army of promoters to brand your eBook with their details. 

Part 2 demonstrates how to create those variables, where to place them and what needs to be done to the Word document so that anyone can brand it with their own promotional information.

Video: Part 3
Converting To PDF, Signing And Branding The Master Document

How to Convert, Sign and Brand a PDF document
Duration: 10 Min 53 sec.
Size: 10.17Mb
Speakers: Required
Part 3 completes the trilogy by demonstrating how to convert, sign and brand a master document then goes one step further and actually shows the ClickBank sales process from the beginning to the very end.

Part 3 not only shows how easy it is to turn a word document into a rebrandable PDF file, it also reveals some juicy information about Word-to-PDF converters you probably didn't know about, runs through each step of making a payment using the ClickBank service and even demonstrates a very powerful solution to stop digital theft.

An Instruction Manual for ViralPDF (Classic Edition)

How to use ViralPDF Rebrander Instruction Manual
An eBook version
of the movies
Size: 1.47Mb (Zipped PDF)

Example pages from the Instructions eBook
More example pages from the Instructions eBook
This unconventional free  tutorial has tons of detailed illustrations clearly explaining every step you need to follow to make your promotional eBook an irresistible viral phenomenon

 Click here to download the ViralPDF Instructions Manual


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The 3 movies together cover a lot of information and I encourage you to download the free eBook version of the movies. You may or may not follow some of the techniques I talk about but if you have a hard copy as your reference guide then you could re-read it at your leisure and absorb the bits of knowledge that somehow didn't register the last time.
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Friday, 22 December 2006

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