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ViralPDF Classic Edition comes as three tools.

PDFSigner - you first 'Sign' a PDF. This puts a marker into your Rebrandable PDF so the Brander knows that it can Rebrand this PDF. You can also set a time limit on how long Rebranding is allowed for your PDF.

PDFRebrander - this is the tool you give away for free with your Rebrandable PDF. Your clients will use this to rebrand the items you have set as rebrandable in your PDF. They do not need to run an installer to use it and the .net framework is not needed for any edition of ViralPDF.

BrandTheBrander - this tool embeds your affiliate id inside the Rebrander tool so that you ca nearn a 51% commission if one of your clients decides to purchase ViralPDF. You can embed your Datagenn affiliate id or your Clickbank affiliate id - BrandTheBrander automatically knows which one is which.

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PDF Signer Tool

Signer 'Welcome' Screen

When you open the Signer Tool the Welcome Screen prompts you to open your Rebrandable PDF for signing.

You can do this in one of 3 ways:

  • Right-click on your PDF
  • Drag your PDF into the tool
  • Use the File -> Open menu
Remember, you must already have put -8- tags around (before & after) the Rebrandable text, links or Hyperlinks before signing your Rebrandable PDF.

Signer 'PDF Loaded' Screen

Once your PDF is loaded, you are prompted to Sign It.

This will put an invisible mark inside your PDF so that the Rebrander Tool knows that it can Rebrand this PDF.

Signer 'Set Timelock' Screen

You optionally can set a time limit / expiry date on your Rebrandable PDF.

After this date your PDF is no longer Rebrandable.

Signer 'PDF Signed' Screen

As soon as your Rebrandable PDF is signed you need to save it.

Your PDF is then ready to be distirbuted.

Signer 'Updates Check' Screen

ViralPDF comes with a 'Check for Updates' module. This makes upgrading to the latest version a breeze.

PDF Rebrander Tool

Rebrander 'Welcome' Screen

This is the tool you distribute to your clients along with your PDF for free. Remember, you DO NOT distribute the PDF Signer tool only the Rebrander tool.

When opened, this tool will prompt you to load your Signed PDF.

Rebrander 'PDF Loaded' Screen

As soon as your Signed PDF is loaded, the rebrandable fields are displayed to the user.

If you did not specify a default value for a given Rebrandable field then that field is mandatory in the Rebrander. It will have a * next to it to indicate that it is mandatory and not optional.

Your default values are used when a user does not fill out a rebrandable field. Easy-to-follow instructions are given in the user manual.

Rebrander 'Update PDF' Screen

Once the new values are entered for each field, Rebranding the PDF using these new values is as simple as clicking the "Brand" button and then the "Save" button.

Rebrander 'About Box'

Your affiliate id is automatically added to the ViralPDF homepage link in the About box when you run the "Brand The Brander" tool in the next section.

Brand The Brander Tool

Brand The Brander Dialog

You can embed your Datagenn or Clickbank affiliate id into the ViralPDF Rebrander tool using the BrandTheBrander tool.

It will automatically recognise which affiliate program your id is for.

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