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"Did You Know That Brandable .exe eBooks Are
Perceived As 'Highly Unprofessional' By The
Vast Majority Of Your Readers?"

Well, here's how you can change your image for the better...

From Independent PDF Expert Sean Kelly,

If you've been publishing on the Internet for any time, you know that the true power of eBooks comes from adding a single viral element - you need to make the eBook re-brandable.

That means, you let your readers change all or parts of the affiliate-links in it, giving them a great incentive to further distribute your eBooks.

Until now, this was only possible if you converted your eBooks into Windows-only *.exe files...

"This Is A Deadly Marketing Weapon!"

"ViralPDF is one of the most powerful marketing tools I have seen in all my years on the Internet.

I keep looking for alternatives, but there aren't any.

This is the only PDF brander on the planet. In the right hands, this is a deadly marketing weapon!

Take it from me - I've used it on several of my own projects with great impact. I mean it - this is great stuff!"

- Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author of
Dear Friend,

You surely know by now that giving away free (or even paid) eBooks can drive massive amounts of highly targeted, free traffic to your site. You can either put affiliate links on strategic places into your eBooks or you can link to your own products.

As people are reading your eBook, they'll click on your links and bring you free, targeted traffic - for a long time to come.
Viral Marketing:
What Is It and... How Does It Work?

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Duration: 5 Min 53 sec.
Size: 5.76Mb
Speakers: Required
Now some sharp marketer came along and thought:

What can I do to get the readers to distribute my eBook for me?
How can I make my eBooks truly 'viral' ?

Fortunately, he found a software program which compiled his material into a *.exe program. This very same program allowed his readers (who had to download at least 2 or more *.exe files) to update some of the links in his book with their own affiliate IDs

- so now they have a good reason to distribute the book for him, don't they?

Unfortunately, the eBook compilers available today
have some serious disadvantages, such as:

The eBooks can only be read on Windows-based systems, leaving out on *everybody* who uses a different OS.
Most systems rely on the user having MS Internet Explorer installed and will not work without it.
The eBooks look different on every computer, depending on the user's system or even it's settings.
When printing the eBooks, the layout more often than not looks completely different from the original design.
There's no way you can use these *.exe eBooks to add content to your website (read on to find out more about this powerful strategy...).

"This whole thing is working more or less the way I want it to", our sharp marketer thought, "but how cool would it be if there was an easy solution to do all this using the industry-standard PDF file-format!"

"I'm Really VERY Impressed With This!"

"It worked like dream! What a brilliant piece of software, wonderfully executed and works beautifully.

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to create a PDF eBook (always better than EXE's in my view) and then allow people to rebrand the book for a bit of viral marketing.

I'm really VERY impressed with this!"

- Michael Green,

Click here to download Michael Green's Viral PDF eBook
"My Affiliates Are Thrilled"

"I am thrilled with the way viralPDF is working! This product should virtually obsolete the "exe" eBook.

My affiliates are thrilled that they can customize my PDF eBook to drive traffic and increase their sales.

The preparation process is quick and easy and branding books is a breeze. Nice work on a real winner of a product!"

- Jeff Mulligan,

Introducing ViralPDF™

In a nutshell, ViralPDF™ brings professional rebranding functionality to your PDF eBooks. It's a set of 2 downloadable Windows (any version) program files - a PDF Signer and a PDF Brander / PDF Rebrander.

Once you've created your material and converted it to PDF, you can give it to your affiliates along with a small software application.

The 'Brand PDF' Step: Your affiliates can then update the links in your eBook (the relevant part, that is) and start giving it away!

Until now, this was only possible using proprietary technology, restricting your *.exe eBooks to run only on Windows-based systems - often with poor quality.

When you start converting your eBooks to PDF, they will look and print the same, regardless if it's being viewed on Windows, Macintosh, Linux or any other system. You can even open and read your PDF documents on various PDA's, like the popular Palm-Pilot handheld!

You no longer need to worry about the fonts you used in your documents and whether the reader has them installed or not. All that is required to read PDF documents on any chosen platform, is a free Reader software, such as Acrobat® Reader®.

"Thank You For This Awesome Software!"

"Thank you for this awesome software! You can be sure that I'll make a super-mention about it in an email to all my customers!

(I usually don't email them very often
..and only if I come across something super-cool, like ViralPDF!)"

- Adrian Ling,

ViralPDF™ lets you..

Use unlimited, re-brandable links in your documents, so you can promote as many programs/products/services as you like!
Brand even eMail-Adresses!
NEW! Brand regular text!("This eBook is sponsored by <your name here>!")
Set an expiration date on your PDF files! After that date is reached, the brander will refuse to brand your documents and ask the reader to visit your website for a newer version of your eBook.
Put your PDF eBooks on your website! Search Engines like Google or MSN will index these - and as we all know, Search Engines just love content!
NEW! Use 'catch-all' tags! If your affiliate doesn't have a personal ID for any given program promoted in your eBook, the link will get branded with your ID! What this means for you is: No more lost sales!
Even use Acrobat's "Base URL" feature, so you can hide your affiliate-links in your PDF files!

Now that you know what ViralPDF™ can do for you, let's address some questions you might have...

"ViralPDF Is Already Increasing Sales"

"A quick note to thank you for the excellent support and guidance you've shown me.

ViralPDF is already increasing sales and interest in my website's products and services, and I've only started exploiting the potential of this great tool.

Many thanks for producing such a simple and direct way of spreading the word (and increasing my profits) of my sites."

- Vic Carrara,

Will ViralPDF™ convert my documents to PDF?

No. You will need a separate program to convert your files to PDF. Think of ViralPDF™ as a kind of 'add-on' to your existing PDF creating software.

There are plenty of programs out there that allow you to create your own PDF files - including my own Pdf Converter, too. I have included a few links in the comprehensive user manual that comes with ViralPDF™, pointing you to various websites where you can download some of the most popular programs to create your own PDF files immediately.

I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, instead I wanted to create a product that is

Unique (as of this writing, it's the only one of it's kind - since 2003!)
Cost-effective (another, similar online-service charges you around $100,- just to open an account with them and then you're supposed to pay an ongoing monthly fee - ... forever!)
and that lets you use a widely accepted industry-standard to distribute your eBooks to everybody!

"ViralPDF Will Without A Doubt Add
Thousands Of Dollars To My Monthly Sales"

"Awesome! ViralPDF will without a doubt add thousands of dollars to my monthly sales. I was looking for a solution like this for a while.

The only other one I found wanted a $97 setup and $17/month access fee to do some of the stuff that ViralPDF does but better with only one payment and at a fraction of the cost!

Great job! Watch out for copy-cats!"

- Marty Fiegel,

OK then, so how does ViralPDF™ work exactly?

Step 1: Simply set up special links in your PDF file (detailed instructions included) and then run your finished PDF eBooks through our software once. Very easy.

Click to View the Video --> Duration: 6 Min 13 sec.
Size: 6.48Mb
Speakers: Required
Step 2: Give your affiliates your PDF eBook and a small brander application (included with your purchase) or offer it for download on your website.

Click to View the Video --> Duration: 10 Min 53 sec.
Size: 10.17Mb
Speakers: Required
Step 3:

If you want to see it in action, you can download a simple demo here (size is ~ 1.8mb incl Documentation in four languages). Detailed instructions are included.

Almost ALL top-name Internet Marketers own a copy of ViralPDF. For example, Yanik Silver has a popular PDF eBook named 'The Greatest Marketing Secrets' that is brandable using ViralPDF.

Another 'real-life' example is Mike Filsaime's ButterflyMarketing. Mike uses ViralPDF to offer rebrandable reports to his affiliates because he understands the power of Viral Marketing.

I'd purchase your software if it could <put in your favorite feature here>

Well, tell us about it! We've already got some very cool ideas for upcoming versions of our software but in fact, we're making the software for you! So please, don't hesitate to send me any suggestions you might have directly to the helpdesk

What about future updates?
Do I have to pay extra for these?

No. Updates for your version are included with your purchase and will be emailed to you automatically as soon as they're released! We will however change this policy soon, so I highly recommend you secure your free updates right now!

I do have some questions that I don't find the answers here...

Again, I'd love to hear from you! Simply send a message to the helpdesk and I will get back to you within 1 business day - usually much sooner!

"Everything's Working Perfectly!"

"Wow! I'm truly impressed with your customer service. I was not expecting a response that quickly.

Everything's working perfectly! Thank you very much for that.

I'm going to purchase your software right away. I've been looking for a tool like this. Thanks again for your excellent service and wonderful product!"

- James Scott,

Here's the deal:

Order ViralPDF™ today , , and you'll not only get all of the above features for one low price, there's even more:

Super fast support
(contact me directly at the helpdesk
for a lightning-fast reply or visit our support forums)
Free upgrades for your version! (3.1, 3.2, etc..)
Use it for a full year (365 days), give it a thorough run, see for yourself how useful it is to your business. And if you don't think it measures up to everything we've told you about it, simply let us know and we will promptly refund your investment.
"You Simply Can Not Afford *NOT* Using ViralPDF - Period!"

"When I first heard about ViralPDF I just *knew* that was a revolutionary product. I bought it a couple of seconds after visiting his site.

I even checked out his customer support - excellent!

You see, before ViralPDF, branding a .pdf file was an expensive and complicated task, offered only through remote servers. Today, with ViralPDF it's really a piece of cake!

In simple words: if you create PDF e-Books to distribute them on the net, you simply can not afford *not* using ViralPDF - period!"

- John Delavera,

Still not sure? Consider this...

Fact 1: eBook and article publishing is a cheap and effective way to brand yourself or your company as an expert in your industry, drive highly targeted traffic to your website and share your knowledge with the world.

Fact 2: Give your readers a good reason and they will gladly distribute your eBook for you. Simply give them the opportunity to earn money by using their own affiliate links and you're already on your way!

Fact 3:
Not only do the *.exe compilers restrict you in all the ways described earlier on this page. These Windows-only eBooks are also considered highly unprofessional by the vast majority of your readers! Do you really want to project that image?

"If you want results tomorrow, You need to take action today!"

PS - Remember, your purchase is backed by our ironclad "It-works-or-your-money-back!" guarantee within 1 year of purchase - so you've got a full 365 days to test-drive it! Even in the unlikely event you decide to request a refund, all bonuses are yours to keep!

PPS - If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly at the helpdesk. I'm always here to answer all your questions!

More customer comments:

"Every Author And eBook Publisher Needs To Know About The Massive Potential ViralPDF Offers Them"

"I just wanted to send a quick Hello and a big Thank You for ViralPDF. What a fantastic program, great support and so easy to use.

I've recently shifted my entire ebook output from the dated and less professional .exe files to the PDF format but I'd had some worries about reduced functionality including branding. Not anymore! Thanks to your software.

Every author and ebook publisher needs to know about the massive potential ViralPDF offers them and I for one will be sending them in your direction."

- Simon Hodgkinson,

"Affordable, Simple, And Easy To Use!"

"I recently purchased your software and was pleasantly surprised to find that you had included a time lock to stop the branding... a very smart feature!

Just wanted to say thanks for this ingenious software - I had purchased two ebook software programs with branding capabilities and was not satisfied because the ebooks would only run on windows...

I researched for weeks on and other sites looking for a simple solution to perform branding of PDF files or PDF ebooks ... the only solution I could find was going to cost me over $5000 and hours of installation...

then I stumbled onto your very affordable, simple, and easy to use software - your product is the best find of the year!"

- James Spencer,

"I Have Already Noticed A Very Nice, Significant
Jump In Sales"

"Absolutely perfect! I had been waiting for a rebrandable PDF program for a long time.

I almost purchased a much more expensive product which had a monthly fee attached but I am very glad I didn't. This program is everything I had hoped for and more.

By offering rebrandable PDF reports to my affiliates I have already noticed a very nice, significant jump in sales. This program has paid for itself many times over in the short amount of time I have owned it.

I am working on a full (very flattering) review of your program for my web site. It deserves to be praised. Thank you very much."

- Tim Kerber,

"Adds Substantial Credibility To
Their Marketing Efforts"

"This software is simply incredible!

I have been looking for a reliable and platform-savvy way to personalize my company's eBooks for months, and ViralPDF is the perfect (and so easy!) solution.

Now my subscribers can customize and freely distribute these eBooks, which adds substantial credibility to their marketing efforts.

Your customer support is over the top - that alone is worth the cost of the software. You've earned a customer for life!"

- Janet Wilson,

"ViralPDF Gives Me The Tools I Need"

"ViralPDF is just what I was looking for, and at a price far less than I would have paid!

Now I can offer my "How to Add Games to Your Site" affiliates a powerful, proven sales tool that was previously only available to me: a PDF version of "9 Reasons to Add Games to Your Site."

Long gone are the days when an affiliate can slap up a banner ad and expect to make sales. Today's affiliates need more. ViralPDF gives me the tools I need to offer it to them.

Thanks, I needed that!"

- Barbara J. Fieldman,

"All I Can Say Is "Incredible!"

"Your ViralPDF product is amazing!

I've been waiting for a reasonably-priced product to brand PDF information products I offer.

I've tested your software several times and all I can say is "Incredible!" Fantastic job! On a scale from 0 to 10, I give this software product a 20!"

- Bret Foster,

"ViralPDF Is The Most Awesome Program
That We Have Used"

"I just wanted to say that ViralPDF is the most awesome program that we have used in some time.

This will make all other forms of eBook publishing obsolete!"

- Doug West,

"I Will Never Run Another Viral Marketing Campaign Without Using Viral PDF!"

"ViralPDF has allowed me to really put my viral marketing strategies on steroids!

It is a serious tool that anyone who runs an affiliate program can use to empower his/her affiliates. It has added $4997.34 in pure profits without me spending a dime on advertising.

Believe me, I will never run another viral marketing campaign without using Viral PDF!"

- Jo Han Mok,

"I've Been Waiting For A Product Like Yours
For A Long Time"

"I've been waiting for a product like yours for a long time.

You've taken brandable eBooks to a new level. Mac users can now take part in the awesome viral marketing potential of brandable eBooks! Excellent job!"

- John Colzani,

"I despaired until I found your ViralPDF. My problems were solved!"

"I wanted to let you know that I think you and ViralPDF are fantastic!

When I was looking for a compiler to publish my How To Drive WorkBook™, I was worried about putting it into .exe format, but I also wanted to make it rebrandable, so I didn't think I had a choice.

I despaired until I found your ViralPDF. My problems were solved! ViralPDF is so simple to use. And I love the choices you now give for tags.

But what I most want to tell you, is that I think your ViralPDF customer support is FANTASTIC. When I ran into problems with actually creating the PDF from my original, using a free PDF creator, you came to my rescue. Wow!

You went above and beyond anything I expected and always with such a friendly and kind attitude that you made me feel I am truly a valued customer. You don't know how rare that is, these days. So what can I say - I'm a total fan."

- Nicola Andrews,



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